30 Year Shelf Life Power 3.2 Usable kWh Off Grid Solar, Inverter and Battery Bank

$13,995.70 $9,999.70

  • The solar array is a 1.26 KW ground mounted array. With the solar resource available in most parts of the continental US and mounted facing due south at a 45 degree angle, this array should produce up to 4 kWh / day in the winter and up to 6 kWh / day in the summer. That should be adequate to recharge the battery in one sunny day almost the entire year.
  • The inverter bank will provide 2.8 KW of continuous pure sine wave 120 VAC output. It will also support a connection to the grid or a backup generator to supplement your power during times of heavy loads or limited solar production.
  • This 12 volt 300 Ah Nickel Iron battery will provide 3.2 usable kWh of capacity for 30+ years! With an 80% depth of discharge and 11,000 cycle life expectancy, this will likely be the last battery you’ll buy!
  • This is a complete system, including practically everything you’ll need! Excluded items include standard electrical wiring and the poles & concrete for the solar mounts. System controllers, power panel, combiner boxes, circuit breakers, specialty cabling & other accessories are included!
  • This is a customized designed system of bare basic minimum.  No items can be removed, it can only be improved upon by adding KW’s
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Qty Description Price per unit Total Price
1 Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) Battery – Battery Voltage: 12 Volt (10 cells @ 1.2 V ea.); Amp Hours Capacity: 300 Ah $3,281.00 $3,281.00
4 315 Watt REC TwinPeak2 Solar Panel $198.52 $794.08
1 Solar Ground Mounting System $500.00 $500.00
1 Magnum MagnaSine Series Inverter/Charger $1,897.51 $1,897.51
1 Magnum Remote Control Panel $207.87 $207.87
1 Magnum Mini Power Panel $618.45 $618.45
1 Magnum Power Panel Back Plate $89.74 $89.74
1 MidNite Classic Charge Controller $674.62 $674.62
1 MidNite Solar Lightning Arrestor and Surge Protection Device (SPD) $100.87 $100.87
1 Circuit Breaker $43.74 $43.74
1 Circuit Breaker $30.74 $30.74
1 Solar PV Cable $46.17 $46.17
2 Battery Cable $138.26 $276.52
1 Battery Vent Fan $89.09 $89.09
Shipping $1,245.00
Total: $9,999.70


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