Jump-Starter Kit Car/Boat/RV/Bike Jump-Starter, Air Compressor, USB Power, Flashlight All-In-One “Cub JC”

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Introducing the handheld portable jump-starter from leading energy innovator, Ambertracks Technology

The Lion Cub JC™ provides portable power to jump-start your vehicle, provide air to tires, and power to many USB devices i.e. phone, cameras, lamps, tablets. Enjoy these lithium benefits over lead-acid chargers:

Holds Charge Longer

Retains a charge for 1+ years.

Zero Maintenance

Used daily, no maintenance required

Multiple Uses:

14,000 mAh powers the jumper, air compressor, and USB outputs. Flashlight included.

Weighs Less:

The jumper is < 3 lbs. and the entire unit is < 5 lbs.

More Portable:

Use it in emergencies, for work or play

Jump-start virtually any dead battery in a snap with the surprisingly  powerful handheld portable battery jump-starter from Ambertracks. A delivered high level of electrical  power in a quick and concentrated burst to drive power to your engine’s starter just when you need it.

  • No more waiting for tow trucks or assist vehicles.
  • No more calling your husband from the middle of nowhere.
  • No more asking a stranger for a jump.

Simply reach under your seat or in your trunk and grab the compact and  powerful guaranteed starting power. Hook it up to your battery terminals like standard  jumper cables, power it on and start your engine.

The Cub JC has power to spare, and can start multiple engines from a single charge.

In testing the Cub JC showed it had enough power in it’s bank to jump-start over 20 cars without a single recharge.

The stored power is long lasting too. Over the space of a year, the  Cub JC will maintain over 80 percent of its charge, so you don’t have  to keep it plugged in to make sure it’s ready when you need it.

With a built-in USB port, it also acts as a portable power bank for  your electronics and smart phones. Cub JC can jump-start virtually  any vehicle, from cars to riding lawn mowers to even a small airplane!  Put one in your boat, R.V., and every car you own. Carry it in your  luggage or briefcase for all your electronics. It also has a built-in  LED lantern and flashing yellow caution lights for your roadside safety.

Need a jump?

Get a the Cub JC


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